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Your guide to the booking and payment process, check-in and check-out procedures.

      • For University of Gloucestershire students you can apply direct through the university website here. Hartpury students can apply by clicking here. Any issues then please contact the accommodation team on

      • Our properties have dedicated show flats which you can view and we can answer any questions you may have. Viewings can be arranged by appointment by e mailing the accommodation team at

      • New students who have accepted conditional or unconditional offers, and continuing students who have confirmed their intention to return can apply.

      • Once Cityheart have confirmed your eligibility to apply for accommodation with the University and that a room is available, a room offer will be made by email to the contact address provided on your application form.

      • Once a room offer has been made you must complete a Tenancy Agreement and agree to our Code of Conduct. You will need to print these documents and thoroughly read through them. You need to sign the tenancy agreement and it must be witnessed. On satisfactory receipt of all documents your tenancy will be confirmed. Download the documents here.

      • We will contact eligible applicants on the waiting list as soon as accommodation becomes available.

      • If you choose not to proceed before returning the signed paperwork, you can let us know and we will cancel your booking. Once you have signed the contract you will be bound by our cancellation policy.

      • You should sign and return your original documents as soon as possible. Cityheart allow both scanned copies and original documents but prefer scanned for data protection and eco friendliness.

      • A witness is a person who is present at the signing of a legal document. They sign the document to indicate that they personally saw the signing and the document is authentic. The date that the witness signs any document should be the same as the date that the tenant signs the document.

      • Change to “Witness must be over the age of 18 and cannot be you (the tenant). However, the witness may can be related to the tenant

      • A guarantor needs to be a UK resident who is in full-time employment. Please email for more details.

      • All original documents should be returned: Personal Details Form and Tenancy Agreement along with your photo ID. These all can be scanned or returned via post.

      • Our standard cancellation policy will apply.

      • This is the period of time during which your room booking is held for you (usually 7 days for UK and international customers). This is so you have time to look over the paperwork, get it correctly signed and returned to us. We advise you begin this process as soon as possible.

      • Your booking may have expired because we have not received your correctly signed tenancy paperwork on time and/or you have not provided all the necessary details to complete the booking, for example, your payment information.

      • You are more than welcome to rebook if your previous booking has expired. Please e mail us as soon as possible at Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that a room may be available if your original offer has expired.

      • We will send a confirmation email to the email address registered to the tenant, usually within 24 hours of receiving your paperwork (during office hours).

      • If you have not had this email it is possible that we have not got your paperwork. Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm that we have had this so we can ensure your booking does not expire.

      • This information is in the welcome guide that we email to you closer to the time of arrival. If your arrival date is approaching and you have not had this information please email the administrator at

      • No, only limited disabled spots.

      • Yes. Please contact who will arrange for a confidential discussion on your specific needs. We will always do what we can to find you suitable accommodation.

      • All tenancies are fixed 40 weeks minimum (Studios included) .

      • Our standard tenancies have fixed dates and cannot be changed. However, if you are looking to move in earlier or move out later it may be possible to make arrangements through the accommodation team at

      • This is a document that proves that you are not liable to pay local council taxes. Your university can provide you with an exemption form once you have enrolled.

      • Please bring an official form of ID with you (for example, a passport or driving licence). If you have not already returned the original signed tenancy agreement, you should also bring this with you.

      • The deposit payment is £200 which must be paid when sending back the signed agreement

      • If you are a student with a permanent UK home address then you will have the option of paying upfront or in three equal instalments. If your permanent home address is outside the UK then you are required to pay upfront unless you can provide a UK guarantor.

      • An instalment is a part-payment of your total rent amount. If you choose to pay in three instalments, for example, your rent payment will be divided into three equal payments. The first instalment is due 8th October 2018, second instalment is due 14th January 2019 and the final instalment is due 6th May 2019.

      • You must make contact with us immediately if you are unable to make a payment. You should e-mail so a confidential discussion can be arranged.

      • Please follow the same process detailed above.

      • Please follow the same process as detailed above.

      • Payment is only accepted by BACS Transfer. Payment can be made to Cityheart Gloucester Limited - Student Rent Account, Sort Code 40-51-62, Account Number 73272022. International payments can be made via IBAN GB04HAND40516273272022 and SWIFT HANDGB22.

      • This is generally not possible due to the need to clean and prepare the rooms for occupancy. Under exceptional circumstances we may be able to make a special arrangement but you should first contact the accommodation team to discuss on

      • Please bring an official form of ID with you e.g. passport or provisional/driving licence. If you have not already returned the original signed tenancy agreement you should also bring these with you.

      • Reception is open Monday – Friday 8.45am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).

      • No, only limited disabled spots.

      • No, we don’t allow guests at the residences.

      • You can collect your access fob from reception or a senior resident when you check in.

      • Arrivals will strictly be during office hours although possible exceptions may be able to be made if contacted in advance. Please contact

      • If you are going to miss you slot please let us know so we can make alternative arrangements.

      • Our postcode is GL1 2HN. Please contact the office and we will be able to help you with the best route to us. If getting a taxi from the bus/train station then this shouldn’t cost more than £5. Please contact the office for local taxi numbers.

      • We will need your signed tenancy agreement and deposit paymen before you can move in. If you are having any issues with this then please let us know by contacting our accommodation team on

      • You can move in any time during office hours from the start date of your tenancy onwards.

      • We don’t provide these, however you are able to purchase these from our partner UniKitOut via the following link. If you quote “CITYHEART10” you will receive a 10% discount on orders. Please note that this is a separate company to CityHeart (Gloucester) Limited and orders placed are between the purchaser and UniKitOut.

      • Cityheart are working in partnership with Endsleigh Insurance Ltd to provide you with contents insurance. When you move in you will be issued with the policy details.

      • Cityheart will make every effort to meet with you to undertake a room inspection before you depart. At this stage we can agree if any damage is evident and what additional fee that will attract. Once this process is complete and you depart your room you can deposit your key fob in the box near the entry of the building that will be labelled comments and key fobs.

      • All rooms need to be clear of all possessions at the tenancy end date. Anything that is left once you have checked out will be removed. A charge may apply if we have to remove any leftover belongings, so please remember to clear everything out when you leave. Some arrangements may be made to store items on a short-term basis.

      • We recommend you first discuss the cleaning with your flatmates and work out an agreed time for cleaning before you all check out so that the work is divided fairly between you. If the flat hasn’t been cleaned to a certain standard when we complete the check-out inspection then we will make appropriate charges which will apply to everyone in the flat.

      • We recommend you first discuss the cleaning with your flatmates and work out an agreed time for cleaning before you all check out so that the work is divided fairly between you. This includes emptying cupboards and the fridge/freezer. Anything that is left in the freezer once the whole flat has checked out will be removed and a charge may apply.

      • We do charge for damages, however, if the person responsible for causing the damage is willing to take full responsibility then we will only charge that person. If no one accepts the responsibility for damages in a communal area then the charge will be split between everyone in the flat. If this happens, you can discuss this further with a member of our team.

      • This varies depending on your property so check with a senior resident or reception well in advance of your check-out date. It is likely that the latest time will be 12:00pm on the last day of your tenancy.

      • Only under exceptional circumstances and arrangements would need to be agreed with us in advance.

      • During our check in and check out periods, where available, we allow access as close to the building as possible for loading and unloading.

      • Possibly yes, this is to be fair and consistent with our approach. We encourage you to complete the inventory thoroughly when you first move in. We also document any damage on our own inspections so you may find that we have a record of this damage, please speak to a member of the Cityheart (Gloucester) Limited Team for more information.

      • No, Blu-Tack is not allowed.

      • No, for health and safety reasons all repairs must be carried out by the property maintenance team. Please let us know about any maintenance issues by logging a maintenance request at reception or by emailing

      • As we need to get rooms ready for our next tenants, we cannot allow things to be left in your room after your tenancy end date. You must clear all your belongings from your room, and from any common areas, before 10:00am on your check out day. If you don't do this then we will dispose of your belongings without any liability, so please ensure you take everything with you.

      • As we only have limited space for parcels and post we cannot keep mail once your tenancy has ended. All items delivered after the tenancy end date are returned to the sender.

      • If we have not been able to undertake a joint inspection then we will conduct a room inspection after you depart. If we find damage in your room that will incur a fee we will photograph the damage, advise you in writing and request payment of the amount due. If there is communal damage we will let all residents know and we will apply the charge proportinately across all bedrooms.

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