Student accommodation


How to apply

How to apply

Thinking about applying for a room? Find out who can apply and how it works here.

Who can apply

Students (new and returning) from either University of Gloucestershire and Hartpury College.

How to apply

1. Apply online

For university of Gloucestershire students you can apply direct through the university website here. Hartpury students can apply by clicking here.

2. Offer of accommodation

Once you have applied directly through your chosen college or university then they will contact us to verify that you are a student.  We will then be in touch to start the application process so you can confirm your room choice.  We will do this by sending you an offer letter for Blackfriars residence, this will come direct to your nominated email address.

3. Accepting your offer

Once a room offer has been made you must complete a Tenancy Agreement and also agree to our Code of Conduct. You will need to complete the forms and return them within 7 days.  You will also need to pay a £200 deposit to Cityheart Living.

4. Confirmation of your room

Once we have received all the necessary documents and £200 deposit we will email you confirmation of your room type.

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